Australians are the second highest rated in throwing away materials, clothing and other textiles that contribute to landfill. They are very bad statistics considering that there are only 20,000,000 people who live here. On average each Australian buys 27kgs of textiles and throws away or donates 23kgs. The even bigger shocker is that if the textiles can not be resold they are often sent to other countries where there is a possibility that they end up in their landfill instead. So not only do the textiles that can be recycled, reused and repurposed be thrown away but money is being spent to transport these donations that get thrown away anyway in another country. That to me is just waste upon waste upon waste.

What I have been doing for years with mine and my daughters clothes is creating colourful and quirky home decor items. Given I am an artist this just came naturally. But over the past few years, as life does it has lead me to start this business of having a place for people to donate their torn items, or even anything that is made of material. I have had many people move house and clean out their wardrobes and donate their items to my business. So I am getting all kinds of textiles that are going to be given a new life. I also take on donations of chairs, mirrors, wire, lamps and old suitcases as these are some of the things that are are used in recreating the new products.

  • So I reduce the clutter in people's homes still without having to clean them anymore. Woop woop!!

  • 10% of the sold home decor then gets donated to WWF in Australia.

  • Reduces landfill in our Ballarat and surrounding community and as this grows it will also reduce the landfill in others communities and therefore Australia as a whole.

  • As this looks like it will grow very quickly as a business. It will also provide employment opportunities as well as a place where workshops will be created for people to come and create my designs and be surrounded by like minded people. These will be perfect for organizations that provide respite services for families with special needs care family members.

  • This entire idea is based around working together as a community and providing so much more to individuals, community members, the environment and to animals than can be put in writing. As each person that has some part in this innovative business is contributing to a better planet for generations to come.


I will need a space to sort and sanitize the materials then prepare them for what they will become and would love for someone that has a warehouse or building that is not being used at the moment and they like me want to contribute on a larger scale to our community. At the moment I am doing this all alone in my home so would love a space that someone would be keen to donate for a little while things are put in place to generate cash flow. I know that there are people just waiting for a brilliant idea like this that they would love to be part of. My dream would be to have the store at THE UNICORN that is up for sale or rent in Ballarat right now. So just putting that out there for the universe to provide!!

When I get a larger space that is not my home I will then be looking for volunteers that can help sort the materials and textiles. I would be looking for donations of washing machines and dryers and also creative people that would be able to make my designs so we can sell them. At the early stages this is all based on charity as I feel we do not need to borrow money from banks when there are many out there that want to be part of something like this just to be surrounded by others that are keen to do our part in creating a sustainable future.

I look forward to where my future is going and hope that you are one of the many that will get on board and do our part in saving our planet.