Leah's Hire A Cleaner Accommodation Cleans

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Accommodation cleans start from $60 per clean, this is for cleaning ALL AMENITIES and the inside of the accommodation dwelling only. For example (without having  to list every single chore on a departure clean) what I do is the obvious and the smaller details like, fridge and everything it takes to keep your accommodation place spotlessly clean. So spot cleaning walls, removing rubbish, cleaning bathrooms, toilets, laundry, marks in cupboards from glass rings for example.  Discuss your specific needs and I will quote you a charge for each visit I make.  As the rules for COVID have changed your requirements as an accommodation owner, if there is longer than 7 days between each clean then this $60 will be $90 minimum as some AirBnBs are booked out for weeks on end and those guests start to not look after the place in a very short time, so I will need to work harder and longer to sort your AirBnB out.


Bed making and stripping the beds are charged at $5 per bed.


Laundry washing, drying and ironing are charged at $6 per bed.  Towels are $1 each and hand towels are .50c. If you are outsourcing your laundry then you will need to organise with them to pick it up and drop it back at the accommodation facility.

Average Cost Example

Accommodation Clean = $60 (includes everything inside the house except oven cleans that are charged at $50 extra so are windows)

Each Bed stripped and remade = $5 each bed

Laundry Is Charged at a rate of $10 per bed plus $1 each every other item.

I keep the amount of AirBnBs I take on at one time low so only have 2 spots for AirBnB Accommodation Cleans in Ballarat. You need to be up with your communication if you are not I will not put my regular customers out for an Airbnb where the owner is not an efficient business manager. I am the sole owner and worker in all of my businesses so will no longer put myself out for people who are not able to run their business properly. I have had experience with many kinds of people in the accommodation industry and the cleaner you have will make or break your business so it is best to look after the person that makes your business get the reviews it does. 

Anything above and beyond what I have stated here gets charged for doing so, trust me I have had AirBnB owners that expected me to work hours weekly for them for free while they made min $200 a day for their space.  As a business that works very hard at keeping my customers happy I am not keen on being ripped off by other people so they can make a buck! I highly recommend that you get your guests to put your bins out as if I am needed to do that you will be charged $20, again after doing this for years I know what the "business owners" try to get for nothing from the services they need to run their business so I have had to be very clear as to what I will do now.

I am happy to do windows and the oven charged as extras. But if you have the oven already spotless (as you should) then it is just a wipe out as part of the normal clean.