Welcome to Leah's Hire A Cleaner. I am the owner and only cleaner that you will get with my business, 6 years in the cleaning industry in Ballarat. I really enjoy helping make people's lives easier. I offer a Boutique Cleaning Service in the Ballarat area that goes above and beyond for my customers, I am proud of my business and what I do. Offering an exceptional domestic and residential cleaning service for the Ballarat area. I understand that life gets busy, I work and study over 100 hours a week myself but I am here to help take the stress out of your life. I can not tell you the amount of women that message me telling me they are so happy that they now get to spend valuable good times with their families instead of living a stressful life with working, raising a family and trying to maintain a spotless home. They feel a weight has been lifted off their shoulders by knowing that at least once a week or fortnight that their entire home gets a once over, their partners also see the difference in the dynamics of their households. I have had husbands not be too keen on spending money on a house cleaner, then not too long after they change their tunes as the stress and fighting is gone.


Most customers ask that their floors be vacuumed and mopped if needed, dusting of all hard surfaces including the kitchen and the laundry, wiping down and skirting boards when needed, getting webs and spiders from ceilings, scrub toilets both inside and outside the bowl, remove soap scum from baths and showers, keeping mold at bay in the bathroom. Usually 2 hours at a time the General clean takes, the first clean may require an extra hour that first time as it is a deeper clean that is needed to get it up to my high standard (sometimes not). It all depends on what each customer wants and the required amount of time that is needed, rates are $40 an hour with a minimum 2 hour job. As time goes on with regular cleans clients often want a Spring Clean every 6 months which can include windows, oven (minimum of $50 per oven), inside cupboards and all of the extras that do not get done in a regular clean. Again the price is $40 per hour and will be quoted at the time of the request for this from the customer.


A tip though, the more toys and stuff that are off the floor the less time I spend tidying up and more time I can clean. If I have to spend 10 minutes picking up toys for example then that is 10 minutes less cleaning.

Please note that if a regular clean is cancelled too often then you will be replaced by others who need the service, booking cleans and turning others away thinking I am booked when I am not that puts stress on my life, especially if it is a 3 hour clean cancelled!  I do not charge a fee to hold a spot like childcare centers do but as I always have people needing help I do not like to turn those away so as you would like someone reliable I also need that as a business. Of course things happen in life but like to put reality into how it works when booked services such as I offer are cancelled. Thank you for understanding as I offer this service because I love what I do and I love taking pressure off people's busy lives but given I have done this for so long I know how it works so I like to let people know how I work.























Hello Ballarat. My name is Leah Justyce and I am the owner/operator of Leah's Hire A Cleaner. I am a woman of many talents and as Ballarat is such a wonderful place filled with people who are keen to support their fellow Ballarat people I thought I may as well put a video from my YouTube channel up on my site. Considering I created this site and all of my businesses why not! 

If you know anything about how YouTube works then you know it is nearly a full-time job having a channel and you need people to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT and LIKE your videos so that the algorithm notices your vids amongst the 400 hours a minute that gets uploaded to YouTube. Hence, I am just asking if my fellow Ballarat people and many valued customers would show me some support by SUBSCRIBING, LIKING, COMMENTING and WATCHING at least one (if not many more vids til the end of it).

Thank you in advance for sending me your love and supporting a local artist and entrepreneur that spends her life helping the Ballarat community.