Regular Weekly and Fortnightly House Maid Cleans in Ballarat $40 per hour minimum 3 hours ($120)

I offer a HOUSE MAID SERVICE too, where beds and linen will be changed. I maintain several Airbnbs in Ballarat and having been in the hospitality industry for 6 years I am happy to help people out how they wish. Loads of washing can be done and washing dishes. This service is at the same cost of $40 and hour but obviously as more time is needed the jobs are quoted as 3 hour jobs. When making your booking with me we just discuss your requirements.

Please note that if a regular clean is cancelled too often then you will be replaced by others who need the service, booking cleans and turning others away thinking I am booked when I am not that puts stress on my life, especially if it is a 3 hour clean cancelled!  I do not charge a fee to hold a spot like childcare centers do but as I always have people needing help I do not like to turn those away so as you would like someone reliable I also need that as a business. Of course things happen in life but like to put reality into how it works when booked services such as I offer are cancelled. Thank you for understanding as I offer this service because I love what I do and I love taking pressure off people's busy lives but given I have done this for so long I know how it works so I like to let people know how I work.

Vacate Cleaner BallaratBallarat House Cleaning Service

Ballarat House Cleaning Service

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