Leah's Hire A Pet Sitter Ballarat

Ballarat Pet Sitter In Your Home Where Your Pets Are not Stressed Like They Are In Boarding Kennels

Leah’s Hire A Pet Sitter Ballarat looks after your pets in your home in the Ballarat area, often while people go away on holidays. Whether it is short notice or not I am always able to fit Pet Minding into my schedule. It is proven that pets stress out at a kennel. They are in a place that they do not know, not getting the love and affection that they need. Often in small cages alongside all of these other animals that are also stressing out. I attend to your pet/s twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon in your home. The place that is theirs so they do not stress, as far as they would be concerned you have just gone to the shops and left them at home as you would in your normal routine. I charge a flat rate of $25 a day for 1 pet and $5 each extra pet. So two dogs for example would be $30 for the day, $35 if you have 3 pets. In this is included love and affection time, cleaning of litter trays and any mess that they may have made (some dogs always chew their toys, the owner knows this so lets me know what I am expected to do for their loved one), changing water, administering medication if required, feeding.


If you want your pet walked then that is an extra $25 for 30 mins, no extra charged for more pets walked it is just a flat rate. So for example 2 dogs minded and walked once a day would be $50 a day. You get a free security check done on your house while I am there, water plants, bring the mail in.


If you have fish, birds, guinea pigs and animals of the like it is just a flat rate of $25 to go to your home twice a day to feed, change water and do security checks on your home.


If you also wanted your house cleaned by me while you are away then that can be quoted when I meet your pets and you to get access to your house.