Leah's Hire A Cleaner Hoarder Cleans

Ballarat Hoarder Cleans,  Ballarat De-clutter Cleans and Ballarat Deceased Estate Cleans $80 PER HOUR

Ballarat Hoarders cleans , Ballarat de-clutter clean and Ballarat Deceased Estate Cleans are massive jobs and are at a rate of $80 an hour. Skip hire is extra and this is paid directly to the skip hire places, depending on the state of the houses there may be several needed. There are many people that have been collecting items for many years and actually have issues with letting go of items that they no longer need. It has just got to an extreme point where they are often overwhelmed and when they are faced with the idea of their precious items being thrown away or given to charity they can not handle the stress. People are creatures of habit so when they have been doing something for many years in their lifetime, like collecting items that are not able to change that habit without help. That is what it is all about, helping people de-clutter their lives.


What I do is come in to homes that are like this, where often the fire department has deemed the home as a fire hazard and the owners have been told to clean the place up in a certain amount of time. The ideal situation is to not have the owners at the houses at all as they are not able to let the things go so what happens is they stop me from doing the work that is needed, which is remove the excess things from their homes. If you know a serious hoarder then you know that they are often living in an environment that is a health hazard just as much as an environmental hazard and the best thing that can be done for your loved ones is clean up their homes.


Some have items that can be sold so what is done with the cleans is having a skip where there are items to throw away and then there are items that are kept so you can go through them with the owners and choose to sell them (where many do as that covers the cost of hiring me, my team and the skips). In these cases I have a team as the jobs are massive and it is best to get them done as quick as possible so you are able to then deal with helping your loved one adjust to their new life of being clean. Mind you they will probably just start collecting again without seeking further help as it is a mental health condition but at least they are living in a clean and healthy environment again for a while.


All of my jobs are about helping people transform their lives so they are able to live with less stress. In the end hoarders houses are transformed (sometimes you may need painters to come in and repaint walls) but most of the time we are able to pressure wash the outside of the houses, wash walls once clutter is disposed of and make a real difference to the houses as well as the owners lives.


Allow at least 2 days for these jobs as day 1 will be spent removing the items and the second day will be used to scrub and clean the entire place. Please do note that these cleans will be around $4000 - $6000 for someone that has a house full of things, plus skip hire, but will be quoted when I see the homes. I have helped people who only had a body width path to walk through their entire homes, every single room had boxes from the floor to the ceiling, blocking windows and exits. The garage and porches were full too. They ended up selling a lot of their items and made a $40,000 profit as well as paying my fees. They ended up going on a holiday that ended up changing their entire lives. This is a really good thing.


I have helped families that have just been so busy with working and raising their children that only in a short few years a lot of clutter had accumulated, years of broken and unused birthday and Christmas Presents. Some completely forgot the items they had as it had been covered by massive piles of unworn and decomposing clothes. As time goes on and items are not cleaned or moved around then yes time starts to make things go rotten from mold and mildew. There was one family that called a few months later to thank me and my team for what we did, their child was always sick (which is why household maintaining went by the wayside) a few months after the clean their child's sickness had completely cleared up. You see a doctor never knew that the child’s illness was being triggered by the germs constantly growing in their homes. I was very touched by this as once again I made a huge difference to people’s lives. This is why I do what I do, help transform people’s lives.


PLEASE NOTE: No height license so will not use a ladder at all.