AARON LEWIS COUNTRY BOY - Original Oil Painting By Leah Justyce (BaVA)

I have been a fan of Aaron Lewis and Staind for years so as I do when I listen to music on YouTube I get inspired by some of the music videos or in this case a still shot of his Country Boy cover.

This is painted mostly with a palette knife, so not much detail at all, it was not meant to. Sometime I get really into just squeezing paint right from the tube and spreading the blobs out to create my impressionist works. I love that my work you can either feel them with your eyes or with hands, in this case it is both!

These works are available as custom orders and take around 6 weeks to be at your door, as the paint is so thick it could be longer. All I need is your image and I will create this kind of painting for you for $550 AUD Free Postage.

Email me at Make2020YourYear@gmail.com

I have a YouTube channel where I am painting short daily art videos and would love your support by subscribing to my channel www.youtube.com/leahjustyce