DAVE GROHL - Original Oil Painting By Leah Justyce (BaVA)

This DAVE GROHL is an original oil painting by Leah Justyce (BaVa) who has been a professional artist for 20 years. I was inspired to paint a Dave Grohl because I went to their concert in Melbourne. It was absolutely amazing from start to finish, Foo Fighters give it their all when they perform. I was very impressed with them live.

This is the original painted on board with thinned down oil paint with gum turps, all of my work comes unframed.

These works are available as custom orders and take around 3 weeks to be at your door. All I need is your image and I will create this kind of painting for you for $550 AUD Free Postage.

Email me at Make2020YourYear@gmail.com

I have a YouTube channel where I am painting short daily art videos and would love your support by subscribing to my channel www.youtube.com/leahjustyce