End Of Lease and Vacate Cleans In Ballarat

Hello Ballarat!

This week was a nice big week with 3 massive cleans, as well as all of my regular domestic cleans. I wanted to talk about Leah's Hire A Cleaner End of Lease and Vacate Cleans in Ballarat in this blog post.

Often when someone leaves their tenancy the house needs a complete clean so the real estate agents return your Bond fully (if you owe them money for rent or damages obviously cleaning has nothing to do with that). But if you read your little renters guide book, when someone buys a house and rents it out they have to have the house in a "reasonable state'. The problem is the definition of those words, so you can move into a house that someone has brought as an investment property and all they have done is buy it. So it will not be clean when you move in, in fact they do not even need to steam clean the carpets. However, when you leave you will have to. The laws are actually unfair for renters as it is very costly to rent especially finding thousands of dollars to sign a lease in the first place. Then to have to clean the house you leave and often the one you are moving into is ridiculous. I know I have seen this many times where people hire me to clean the house they are moving into.

I am the only cleaner in my business, I used to hire people years ago but they just could not keep up to my standard so I do the jobs myself. I had a 6 hour end of lease clean to do mid week this week. I do not steam clean carpets solely because my business concentrates on the finer details of preparing homes and as I do not hire people 8 hour End Of Lease Cleans with no break is actually unlawful. However people expect cleaners to not have a break, imagine not breaking at all ever in your job! So I do not steam clean carpets. There are enough guys in Ballarat that do that. Micks Carpet Cleaning is the guy I refer. He doesn't know me but I have used him privately for my house.

This end of clean house was a 4 Bedroom at 12 Lancaster Ave, in Alfredton. Ironically I used to clean that house when the previous tenants lived in it, they had lots of cats and from what I saw who ever did that end of lease clean did not do a good job as I was washing cat prints off the walls. This current tenant only lived in the house for 6 months yet it still took 6 hours to clean it, from my professional opinion they never cleaned the house. Therefore, as the person that is hired for their vacate clean I had to clean 6 months of mess in 6 hours. This is where people need to be realistic about how they lived while they were renting a place and the expectations of the cleaning service that they are choosing.

I quote 6 hours for most jobs, you get the oven done for FREE in this! It could take less, it could take more, but I do not go and inspect houses before as I do not have the time being the only person that runs my entire business. If the house is grimy, oily, lots of scrubbing and mold to be removed then it will be longer. Often the windows are not included in this time and if wanted them allow an extra 1.5 hours for windows to be cleaned in an end of lease clean. These are huge cleans, as you are aware, I will guarantee that you get your bond back due to the cleanliness of the house but you will have to be aware that if are a customer that does not want to have the house to the standard of the real estates expectations then obviously it is not guaranteed as stated above for a full end of lease clean allow 6 hours for the inside of the house and 1.5 for the windows. So 7.5 hours x $35 for a full end of lease clean. Great for you if you have looked after the place, otherwise the 7.5 hours will be what it is at least.