FEMALE AND FEMALE MODEL POSE DIPTYCH- Original Oil Painting By Leah Justyce (BaVA)

This is one of the many figurative works from this series. They are really created for my YouTube channel as a challenge for myself as well as teaching others how to paint using negative space and allowing their creative side to flow instead of feeling they need to try and make their work "perfect". Art is not just about recreating a photo so others say, wow! It has so many more purposes to the individual creator, I use my art as a way of healing subconscious issues.

This is the original painted on 2 sheets of kraft paper with thinned down oil paint with gum turps, and acrylic paint all of my work comes unframed. You can choose to frame this as one painting or as a diptych. 

These works are available as custom orders and take around 7 days to be at your door. All I need is your image and I will create this kind of painting for you for $150 AUD Free Postage.

Email me at Make2020YourYear@gmail.com

I have a YouTube channel where I am painting short daily art videos and would love your support by subscribing to my channel www.youtube.com/leahjustyce