I AM an entrepreneur and a woman of many talents

Hello my name is Leah Justyce and I am the owner operator of Leah's Hire A Cleaner. I started this little cleaning business in 2013, and am the only person that people get from my business. I prefer a stress free life where I get to pursue my passions and desires as opposed to having employees and many people love that they get the owner of the business and not lots of strangers coming into their homes. I was going to write my story again, but it is all over the internet already with my YouTube channel so I wont get into it. Instead I am just writing this intro as I am going to be posting my links on here to my other 2 websites that I own, create, design and solely operate on a daily basis. One will be buy it now links to my online Leah Justyce Art Gallery site and the other is my URBAN JUSTYCE CLOTHING range.

I figure I need to fill in some blogging time so may as well show the world what my passions are XX. You will get the gist that I AM all about creating the life that we want to live so I do!