The reason why I create these spiritual statement pieces of clothing is because like many people I struggled with depression, anxiety, a suicide attempt and just being around people. So I studied a Double Degree in Criminology and Psychological Science as I was not satisfied with the therapists that I saw, it seemed that being healed was not the goal of the 5 professionals I saw. Unfortunately, like everything they are selling you a solution to the problem but if your problem gets fixed then that professional does not get paid.

So I took my life in my own hands and spent years researching the mind, body and soul connection and took on board the many ideas, theories and scientifically proven methods on holistic healing. This statement 'WORSHIP ME LIKE THE GODDESS I AM' was one of the very first sayings that hung on my vision mobile (a vision board but like a child's mobile that I hung on my 4 post bed frame).

This was just to remind me that it was time that I gave all the energy, money, help and absolutely everything I gave to the many in my life that were takers and abusers to me. To give it all to me, for me to WORSHIP MYSELF. Really there are 2 kinds of people, the givers and the takers and those takers only get by by taking, it is time that those givers give to themselves. This was that reminder to me.