Leah's Hire A Web Designer Ballarat

Ballarat Leah's Hire A Web designer. Cost Effective Unique and Original Small Business and  Personal Web Design from $350 for a 4 Page Website

I am a woman of many talents and Web Design is another one of my skills. This website alone has attracted thousands of customers in the Ballarat and surrounding areas who are looking for a cleaner. It is one of the top rated sites that are on the first page on Googles Search Engine when Ballarat Cleaner is searched. Both the personal feel about it and the position the website has on Google has been a topic of conversation for many of my customers when they talk to me about other cleaners that they have used or tried to search for.  I can build you an original website that is catered to your specific needs at a cost that is well below what your commercial businesses who make stale looking uninviting sites. I charge $80 per page, with the pages being around an A4 size if it was on paper. Email me with your inquiry and we can go from there.

Some details include

Prices start from $350 for a 4 page website which include

  • Domain name registration

  • Website Hosting for 1 year

  • Updates charged at $50 per hour

  • Your own access to update your own blog posts as you require without paying extra costs

  • Photography of images if local (charged at $50 per hour)